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Amy(convo) - Finding Joy After Her Struggle With an Eating Disorder

In our conversation, Amy and I talk more about religion & God, social media in recovery, weight gain post weight restoration, when weight changes with age, southern smash, and more.

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Sam - Sharing Sparkly Light on ED Recovery

In her story, Sam reads two eerily similar  journal entries written several years apart. What they both have in common? The last sentence which says, “I want to be me again”. In our conversation, we talk about orthorexia and how it is portrayed in the media and on social media, yoga, and the benefits of having hard conversations with people that we love.

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Colleen(convo) - HAES Informed Clinical Psychologist, Living Life in Color

In my conversation with Colleen we talk more about the biopsychosocial model of mental health and illness, personality traits in people with eating disorders, advice for people who are in recovery that want to work in the eating disorder field, Health at Every Size, and more.

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