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Karli - Fitness Professional & Speaker Owning her Recovery

In her story Karli tells about her struggle with anorexia and how learning about the physical body and nutrition helped her in her recovery. In our conversation, Karli and I talk about why she believes someone is always in recovery, the mental and physical effects of an eating disorder, relationships in recovery, and how her ED made her a stronger person.

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Janine(convo) - Leader, Journal Author, Recovered from Anorexia

In my conversation with Janine, she and I talk more about being a recovery role model, how to find motivation to heal when the people around you don’t understand your struggle, having a relationship with how your body looks, positive affirmations and more.

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Amanda - A Recovery Journey to Self-Love

Amanda tells about her struggles and relapses with anorexia and depression and shares treatment tools She and I talk about our experiences with residential treatment, coping skills and motivation in recovery, blind weights, relationships, and more.

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