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Sarah(convo) - Recovered, Heart vs. Head, ED Recovery Coach

In my conversation with Sarah, she and I talk more about eating disorders and identity, spirituality and meditation, body image, how to deal with friends who diet, and more.

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Sarah(story) - Recovered, Heart vs. Head, ED Recovery Coach

Sarah is a fully recovered eating disorder recovery coach who was certified through the Carolyn Costin Institute. She tells of her long struggle with an eating disorder and how finding a meditation and spiritual practice that resonated with her was a significant factor in her recovery.

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Bonus Episode - Meditation Bit

In this Meditation Bit, Kristen reads 3 meditations from the book “The Radiance Sutras” by Lorin Roche which is a translation of the tantric text the Bhairavan Tantra. Two of the three meditations discuss how you can use your pain and wounds as portals into healing. 

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