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Sam - Sharing Sparkly Light on ED Recovery

In her story, Sam reads two eerily similar  journal entries written several years apart. What they both have in common? The last sentence which says, “I want to be me again”. In our conversation, we talk about orthorexia and how it is portrayed in the media and on social media, yoga, and the benefits of having hard conversations with people that we love.

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Susan(interview) - Writer & Emerging Lioness in Recovery

Susan’s interview starts off with a poem that she wrote about her eating disorder. We then talk more about journaling, body knowledge, reiki, and other kinds of therapeutic modalities that Susan is finding helpful. Vegetarianism/veganism in the eating disorder world are also discussed, as well as her relationship with food now, and the hero’s journey.

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Susan(story) - Writer & Emerging Lioness in Recovery

Susan is a writer and a yogini who has recently found her voice (hear her roar). In her story she tells about recovering from an eating disorder while growing up in a household riddled with drugs and alcohol and having severe depression. Having only started therapy 6 months ago, much of Susan’s story is about self-recovery through journaling, yoga, reiki, meditation, and forming a relationship with cooking and food. Susan’s eating disorder caused her whole body to hurt with nerve damage and she found freedom from the pain through somatic therapies that taught her how to express her feelings and emotions, rather than staying silent and keeping them in

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