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Sam - Sharing Sparkly Light on ED Recovery

In her story, Sam reads two eerily similar  journal entries written several years apart. What they both have in common? The last sentence which says, “I want to be me again”. In our conversation, we talk about orthorexia and how it is portrayed in the media and on social media, yoga, and the benefits of having hard conversations with people that we love.

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Janine(story) - Leader, Journal Author, Recovered from Anorexia

Janine’s mission is to help others experience the brightest and most authentic version of the light within themselves. In her story she talks about the feeling of loneliness and how it contributed to her eating disorder. She also talks about how having a recovery pet, being in a sales position, and starting to live life on HER terms helped her in recovery.

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Kristie - HAPPY and Recovered EDNOS

Episode 5 features Kristie, owner of the company Recovered Living. In her story Kristie talks about how she became the hero of her own journey by finding support even though she lived in a village of just 35 people in New Zealand. This episode also discusses body image, trusting your body, exercise, self-care, and offers advice for loved ones of those with eating disorders.  

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