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Steph(interview) - Boss of "Body Banter" & Recovering from Anorexia

In Steph’s interview we talk more about the diet culture in Hong Kong, how she learned to accept that she was more than just her eating disorder, and how CrossFit helped her in her recovery. She also talks about how YOU can get involved in Body Banter.

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Jess - Bad Ass Recovered Therapist

Jess is a therapist who primarily works with adolescents with eating disorders because she was an adolescent when she was in recovery. Now recovered from all types of eating disorders, Jess tells the story of what it was like to be in treatment and recovery as a teenager and how she shifted her identity from someone with an eating disorder to someone who is a true bad ass. Other topics include advice for the loved ones of adolescents with eating disorders and body positive, fat acceptance literary suggestions.

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Kristie - HAPPY and Recovered EDNOS

Episode 5 features Kristie, owner of the company Recovered Living. In her story Kristie talks about how she became the hero of her own journey by finding support even though she lived in a village of just 35 people in New Zealand. This episode also discusses body image, trusting your body, exercise, self-care, and offers advice for loved ones of those with eating disorders.  

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