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Steph(interview) - Boss of "Body Banter" & Recovering from Anorexia

In Steph’s interview we talk more about the diet culture in Hong Kong, how she learned to accept that she was more than just her eating disorder, and how CrossFit helped her in her recovery. She also talks about how YOU can get involved in Body Banter.

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Steph(story) - Boss of "Body Banter" & Recovering from Anorexia

Steph struggled with anorexia while growing up in Hong Kong. In her story she talks about the impact that the extreme diet in Hong Kong had on her. In addition to extreme diet culture, Hong Kong also had a major lack of eating disorder awareness and treatment options. As a result, Steph recovered at home with the support of her family. Steph is now a student at Duke University and is the founder of Body Banter, which is an online platform that aims to engage communities in increased discussions about body image, raise awareness about the diversity in our experiences of body image issues and to make body positivity practices accessible and engaging.

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Jaclyn - Body Positive Raging Feminist

Jaclyn is a first-year PhD student studying post-feminist ideology. In her story, Jaclyn talks about a doctor putting her on a diet at age 8, how her perfectionism affected her ED and recovery, and how much she loves and is proud of the work that she is doing. In her interview we talk about her current relationship with her body, why we love being women, what women empowerment actually means, and how socioeconomic status can affect a person’s ability to access recovery.

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