Sam - Sharing Sparkly Light on ED Recovery


“What’s interesting is that the commitment and fire that was present during both eating disorders is the same commitment and fire that helped me overcome them. I refused to settle to be unhappy and feel tethered to these disorders, and it feels surreal to look back and realize how far I’ve come.” – Sam

Sam is a life coach and a yoga teacher who has overcome a struggle with several eating disorders, including orthorexia. In her story, Sam reads two eerily similar  journal entries written several years apart. What they both have in common? The last sentence which says, “I want to be me again”. In our conversation, Sam and I talk more about orthorexia and how it is portrayed in the media and on social media. We also talk about yoga and the benefits of having hard conversations with people that we love.

Full list of Conversation Topics: 

  • Orthorexia

  • Social Media and Orthorexia

  • Yoga & Self-Inquiry in recovery

  • Community and its effect on Recovery

  • The benefit of having “hard conversations with people”

  • Personality traits in the development of an ED

  • Anxiety and yoga