Janine(convo) - Leader, Journal Author, Recovered from Anorexia


“A lot of times the struggle of recovery is like this huge mountain you need to climb. And you’ve fallen so far that the peak of the mountain looks a century away. Understand that you don’t need to find the path. There are Sherpas. There are people who will guide you. You don’t have to do it alone. Even if the people around you don’t understand, there are people who are out there that do” – Janine

In my conversation with Janine, she and I talk more about being a recovery role model, how to find motivation to heal when the people around you don’t understand your struggle, having a relationship with how your body looks, positive affirmations and more.

Full List of Conversation Topics:

  • Being a recovery role model

  • Loneliness

  • Vulnerability, sharing, and connection

  • Tips for loved ones of people with eating disorders

  • How to find motivation to heal your ED when the people in your life don’t understand

  • How to have patience for people in your life who don’t understand your ED

  • Choice in recovery

  • Having a relationship with how your body looks

  • Reasons for exercising other than weight loss

  • Recovery pets

  • Affirmations