Bonus Episode: Everyday Woo Woo Podcast Interview


Kristen Brunello is the Founder of Always a Being, which provides affordable eating disorder recovery coaching, and the creator and host of the Eating Disorder Recovery Speakers podcast. Kristen struggled with an eating disorder from the ages of 12 –24 and hopes to make the philosophy, tools and inspiration that helped her recover accessible to those still suffering. Her passions include yoga, cats, friendships, tacos, New Jersey, and equality.

We were so excited to dive in and learn from Kristen! We end up discussing…

• Kristen’s story and her 12 year battle with an eating disorder 

• Her work as a Recovery Coach and what she is up to now 

• Opening up about mental health, addiction and eating disorders 

• Is it possible to fully recover? 

• Addiction vs. eating disorders 

• Finding meaning and purpose 

• Ayurveda, balance & recovery 

• The underlying struggle with control and stuffing down feelings 

• How to help loved ones with eating disorders 

• Resources & recommendations 

How to find Kristen:  

• Kristen’s Website: 

• Kristen’s Podcast: Eating Disorder Recovery Speakers Podcast 

• Kristen’s Instagram: @always_a_being 

• Kristen’s 8 day recovery course: Accept Recovery 

• Kristen’s Recovery Archetype Quiz:

Eating Disorder Resources & Recommendations from Kristen: 

• Coby Kozlowski: 

• Carolyn Costin: 

• Recovered Living: 

• “Your Dieting Daughter” by Carolyn Costin 

• “The 8 Keys to Recovery with Eating Disorders” by Carolyn Costin 

• “Eating in the Light of the Moon” by Dr. Anita Johnston 

• “Solemate” by Lauren Mackler 

• “Women Who Run With The Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes 

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