Erin(story) - Kicking the Scale: A Journey to Recovery


“I wanted to do what I needed to do so that I could be myself again. I wanted people to laugh with me. I wanted to play soccer and enjoy it and not hate being out there and struggle to get through it. So my motivation for getting back to a healthy state was to be who I was before, but even better. With those goals in mind, that really helped inspire me to take chances and to take risks.” – Erin

Erin struggled with an eating disorder as a star soccer player at Michigan State University. Eventually becoming a successful soccer coach, she has a unique perspective on eating disorders in college athletes. A mother of 3, Erin is also the author of the recently released children’s book “Austin’s Allergies” based on the true story of her son Austin who has severe food allergies. In her story, Erin talks about all of these things, as well as shedding some light on how to work your recovery even when there are very real food limitations involved.


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