Erin(convo) - Kicking the Scale: A Journey to Recovery


“I wanted to do what I needed to do so that I could be myself again. I wanted people to laugh with me. I wanted to play soccer and enjoy it and not hate being out there and struggle to get through it. So my motivation for getting back to a healthy state was to be who I was before, but even better. With those goals in mind, that really helped inspire me to take chances and to take risks.” – Erin

In my conversation with Erin, she and I talk about friendships in eating disorder recovery, eating disorders in college athletes, raising a child with food allergies, recovery tips and goals, and more.

Full List of Conversation Topics:

  • The light & shadow sides of personality traits

  • When friends tell someone about your ED for the sake of your health

  • Advice for people who are concerned about their friend with an ED

  • College athletes and EDs

  • Raising a child with food allergies

  • Using incentives & consequences as ways to recovery

  • Rock bottoms

  • Recovery tips & goals

  • Advice for school administrators to handle athletes with ED


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