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“If our parents show dysfunctional behavior when we are children, we are victims. But nobody says we have to be the victim our whole life. Something has to happen to wake us up. When we awaken, then it is our responsibility to step out of the victim role and become heroes” – Elena

Elena is a life coach, speaker, and author who grew up and currently lives in Sardinia, Italy. In her story, Elena reads a chapter called “Mama, why don’t you love me” from her upcoming book. The chapter tells of her struggle with binge eating disorder and bulimia from a young age, and how visualization, inner child work and her learned ability to reparent herself helped her heal the wounds from her childhood – the real issues underneath her eating disorder. In our conversation, Elena and I talk more about EDs and recovery in Italy and the Netherlands, advice for mothers of children with EDs, connecting to your inner child, and more.

Full List of Conversation Topics:

  • Eating Disorders & Recovery in Italy

  • Eating Disorders & Recovery in The Netherlands

  • Advice for mothers of children with ED’s

  • Healing & connecting to your Inner Child

  • Self-Observation & Inner Child

  • When you release toxicity, what do you get?

  • What’s good in life now.