Amy(convo) - Finding Joy After Her Struggle With an Eating Disorder


“On April 4, 2016, I became weight restored. I’ve worked NY Fashion Weeks, graduated from an amazing university with honors, and started my own personal styling business at 23, but nothing in life am I prouder of than becoming weight restored. What I feared the most is eventually what saved me” – Amy

In my conversation with Amy, she and I talk more about her religion and faith in God as a tool that helped her recover, social media in recovery, weight gain post weight restoration, when weight changes with age, southern smash, and more.

Full List of Conversation Topics:

  • Depression, suicide, & self-harm

  • Relapse

  • Religion & God

  • Social Media in recovery

  • The scale in recovery

  • Southern Smash - Scale Smashing

  • Weight gain post weight restoration

  • When weight changes with age

  • Stories of hope