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Elena - Shake Up Your Life, Reshape Your World!

Elena reads a chapter from her upcoming book that tells of her struggle with binge eating disorder and bulimia from a young age. In our conversation we talk about how visualization and inner child work helped her heal, as well as EDs and recovery in Italy, and advice for mothers of children with EDs.

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Colleen(convo) - HAES Informed Clinical Psychologist, Living Life in Color

In my conversation with Colleen we talk more about the biopsychosocial model of mental health and illness, personality traits in people with eating disorders, advice for people who are in recovery that want to work in the eating disorder field, Health at Every Size, and more.

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Colleen (story) - HAES Informed Clinical Psychologist, Living Life in Color

In her story, Colleen describes the “perfect storm” that led to her eating disorder. Now a Health at Every Size informed Clinical Psychologist in Virginia, Colleen also tells of how finding meaning and purpose in her life helped her in her recovery. As someone who escaped the fire of an eating disorder, she is running back with buckets of water to help those still stuck.

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