Amy(story) - Finding Joy After Her Struggle with an Eating Disorder


“On April 4, 2016, I became weight restored. I’ve worked NY Fashion Weeks, graduated from an amazing university with honors, and started my own personal styling business at 23, but nothing in life am I prouder of than becoming weight restored. What I feared the most is eventually what saved me” – Amy

Amy is the founder of the Joy’d initiative which sends gifts to people in treatment. She is also in grad school to become a therapist. Her story is a raw one about her experiences with an eating disorder and major depression. She tells of her many relapses, her struggle with self-harm, moments in her life when she had no desire to get better, the power that her scale had over her, and what it felt like to gain weight past her “weight restoration” goal. However Amy’s story is one of hope; she talks about how worth it all of the struggles were because of how amazing her life is now, and how her faith and religion helped her recover.