Jen(interview) - Mother, Therapist, Recovered from Bulimia


In the interview portion of Jen's episode, we go deeper into the topics of rehab, pregnancy, and motherhood. We also talk about depression, blind weights, intuitive eating, and the DBT skill of opposite action.

-What did you love about your experience at the Renfrew Center? What are some tools that you gained? What are the good things about residential treatment?
-How did your depression and eating disorder coexist and drive each other?
-What makes you want to live and thrive?
-How would you summarize Intuitive eating?
-What is your experience with being pregnant and being in recovery from an eating disorder?
-What is the cost of being so concerned about your weight?
-How does acting the opposite of your urges or “acting as if” help?
-What are you doing now?

-The Renfrew Center
-Laura Hill research on neurobiology and ED video
-Carolyn Costin – 8 Keys to Recovery from an Eating Disorder Workbook
-“RD Real Talk” Podcast – Heather Caplan Podcast. Episodes that start with “EI Principle”
-Intuitive Eating