Susan(interview) - Writer & Emerging Lioness in Recovery


"For me, my body is my number 1 friend in this." - Susan

Susan’s interview starts off with a poem that she wrote about her eating disorder. We then talk more about journaling, body knowledge, reiki, and other kinds of therapeutic modalities that Susan is finding helpful. Vegetarianism/veganism in the eating disorder world are also discussed, as well as her relationship with food now, and the hero’s journey.

Questions Answered:

  • Why do you love journaling so much and what do you find helpful about it?
  • When you were at your sickest what do you think your body was trying to tell you?
  • What does your body feel like when you feel free?
  • How did Reiki help you in your recovery?
  • What kinds of modalities does your therapist use with you that you're finding helpful in your recovery?
  • Why does being a vegetarian work for you? What was the choice behind becoming one?
  • What does your relationship with food look like today?
  • What do you love about eating with people?