Bonus Episode - College Student Success Podcast Interview


As an introvert, I loathe shallow conversations. I prefer silence over "chatting" any day. However, I love deep conversations. When I teach yoga, as much as I try to learn the names of the students who attend my classes regularly, sometimes its challenging to learn much more than that. 

A few weeks ago a student of mine asked me if I taught yoga for a living. I told him that it is hard to make a living teaching yoga, and that I teach yoga and doing eating disorder recovery coaching. Combined - that is my living. He seemed really interested in that, and became more interested when I mentioned that I was starting a podcast.

As it turns out, Derek is a mental health counselor, undergraduate instructor, and a researched in Supported Education at Rutgers University. He hosts his own podcast called College Student Success Podcast , which is devoted to helping college students with mental health issues succeed in achieving their goals. 

Here is my interview on his podcast!


Original Episode Notes:

Key Info for this Podcast: 

Join Kristen and I today as we discuss:

  • How Kristen and I met, and her story of recovery
  • The concept of the term “recovered” as it’s not one we use on the show much
  • Coping strategies, both ones she used early in her recovery as well as ones she uses now, and how coping strategies have evolved over time
  • Kristen’s Recovery Coaching Business, and tools she used to help get her started in entrepreneurship
  • What faculty can do to better support students who are struggling
  • Advice for students who might be listening and worried if they have problem

Websites/Links Referenced on the Show:

Always a Being – Kristen’s Website

Eating Disorder Recovery Speakers – Kristen’s Podcast


  • If you are a recent college grad or faculty member that’s in recovery for mental health issues, I’d love to interview you about your goal achievement quest, the struggles/adversity you faced, as well the wellness strategies you used! I’m particularly interested in interviewing student entrepreneurs and those involved in mental health advocacy. There are a variety of ways to reach out.
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