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Accept Recovery 8-day E-Course: Symptom-management is a very important part of eating disorder recovery. But it is not the only part. This 8-day e-course asks, "what are you recovering to?" rather than "what are you recovering from?" It includes videos, meditations, worksheets, and homework that focus on the other parts of recovery - beyond symptom-management. It is designed to help you get real with yourself, uncover your truth, and connect to your desires. Get the first two days for free!

*Pay what you can afford.* *Recommended Price: $99* Click here to learn more.

Virtual Coffee Date: This is a free, no strings attached, introductory session. We will video chat over coffee or tea. You can ask questions, we can check out each other's vibe, and decide if recovery coaching will serve you in your recovery.  Contact me to sign-up!

Individual Recovery Coaching: Working 1-on-1 allows for tailored sessions to specifically meet your recovery needs, dreams, and desires. I believe in equality and want my services to be accessible to everyone. There are enough obstacles making access to recovery hard. At the same time, I think that the question "what am I willing to invest in my recovery"  is an important one for you to ask and decide for yourself, and I don't just mean monetarily. What are your life, recovery, and future worth to you?

To make my services affordable and accessible, I offer a sliding scale of $150-$450 per month. Each month consists of 3 sessions and unlimited email and text support in between. The difference is simply based on the understanding that people have different financial realities. If you think that coaching with me will help you reach your recovery goals but you cannot afford $150/month, please let me know. We might be able to work something out. Contact me for a free first session!

Recovery Penpal Package: If you think that working with me would be helpful, but you can't afford it or aren't ready to commit, my penpal package is a great introduction to coaching. Stay in touch with me via e-mail. You and I will work together similarly to the way that my in-person and phone clients do, without the weekly calls. Receive support, guidance, worksheets, homework, and more. Package includes unlimited e-mail support. $50/month.  Contact me to sign-up!

Individual Recovery Workshop Series: These workshop series consist of weekly 45-60 minute sessions for four weeks. There is set content for each workshop, but it will be tailored to fit your individuality, recovery, needs, and questions. Sliding scale of $160-$320 per series.

  • Yoga, Ayurveda, and ED Recovery: Yoga was a huge part of my recovery and I was certified to teach one year out of residential treatment. Now an instructor for almost 10 years, I am excited to open up the world of yoga & ayurveda to you. While most people who think of yoga think of a yoga mat and yoga poses, yoga is actually a system of techniques to enrich your life (only one of which is postures). Ayurveda is known as "the sister science of yoga" and it is roughly translated to "the science of life". In this workshop you will:
    • Learn more about ayurveda and yoga philosophy and how it can support your recovery.
    • Discover your specific ayurvedic dosha or constitution.
    • Create morning, evening, and daily routines to balance out your constitution.
    • Have access to specific meditations and yoga classes specifically designed for your constitution.
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“Kristen has the history, experience, and a human touch that profoundly changed my way of being in the world. She creates space and sets a safe container for being curious about living into one's possibility and has supported me through the, sometimes, challenging transformational work. From this place, I am more honest, more tender, and have a strong compassion for myself which Kristen helped me realize.” – S.B. – Pennsylvania


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