kristen brunello: eating disorder recovery coach

accept recovery


"Accept the journey,
And carve this into wood;
There is no getting anywhere,
Without making the getting there good." - Gary Turk


dear friend,

welcome to accept recovery! i am so happy you are here. accept recovery is an 8-day e-course that is focused on the parts of recovery that go beyond symptom-management. the parts of recovery that answer the question, "what are you recovering to?" instead of, "what are you recovering from?" this course is designed to help you get real with yourself, make choices based in hope, connect to your truth, and find your north star. it includes 8-days of content such as videos, meditations, worksheets, and homework. it includes accountability. each day you will receive an email with a password that gives you access to a webpage with that day's content.

below is an outline of the 8-days of content. 

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*if you want to continue after your first two days, pay what you can afford for the last six (suggested price $99 total)*


day 1: swim with the current

the current of life is pushing you in the direction that it wants you to go. You get to choose, do you swim with it, or against it?

includes: Ideal week document, inspirational podcast and videos


day 2: learning to surf

it is hard to ignore ED urges, but fighting them almost feeds them; it makes the urges stronger. instead, learn to surf them.

includes: urge surfing meditation, archetype quiz


day 3: be the hero

knowing your primary archetype can be a useful tool in self-discovery and your recovery. you are the hero of your journey.

includes: archetype guide, journaling prompts, circle of life document


day 4: let's chat

Learning to identify your feelings and needs and learning to voice them and get them met in ways that are not destructive will keep you from falling back into your eating disorder.

includes: nonviolent communication hand outs


day 5: the bodyguard

your healthy-self is your bodyguard. it is the bouncer at the club that won't let your ED in because it's not on the list, or kicks it out for wreaking havoc.

includes: healthy-self meditation


day 6: values

we know what your ED values: numbers, size, symptoms. but what do YOU value? What do you care A LOT about?

includes: values worksheet


day 7: what are your strengths?

your strengths are probably what make you "good" at having an ED. how do we use them to charge your healthy-self instead?

includes: hidden strengths worksheet


day 8: i was born at this time to...

"If there is meaning to life at all, then there must be meaning in suffering" - Viktor Frankl. What meaning do you make up about your life?

includes: life purpose worksheet


privacy policy

*if you want to continue after your first two days, pay what you can afford for the last six (suggested price $99 total)*